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Visit the Troubleshoot page for information on the CXG Digital Technical Support, the Information Center, and the Online Learning Center.

GDP Resource Feature

Tip: See Getting Started, Managing Resources in Course Manager, for a list of steps to use GDP's Resource feature to create and assign file resources (a link to an actual file you create and upload to GDP) and link resources (a link to any link anywhere on the Internet), which students access from My GDP, Resources.

Comments Library

Comments Library [PDF] is an instructor resource, which includes a detailed database of titles and comments (general comments and annotations) you can copy and paste to create your own Comments Library in GDP. Specific references to lesson numbers and Reference Manual pages are included to encourage students to use their textbooks and GDP as learning resources to find their own answers. Edit any titles and comments to suit your needs. You will learn to:

  • Identify General Comments and Annotations.

  • Create and edit a Comments Library.

  • Create, insert, delete, and edit comments (General Comment and Annotation) in the Student Portfolio.

  • Use the "contains" filter in the Library list box.

  • View and print Portfolio comments.

  • Access a database of titles and comments related to the formatting of all types of documents from Lessons 1-120 and miscellaneous comments related to student work you can copy and
     past to create your own library.


Reference Manual—Full Size Plus Callouts


Reference Manual is a handout that includes full-sized, single page copies of the documents and formatting notes in the Reference Manual found in GDP and in the front of the textbook and Word Manual. Each item is enlarged on a single page and includes rollover screen tips with helpful formatting information. All rollover tips are included in a complete list of typed callouts at the end of the document. If you wish, you can use GDP's Resource feature to create a link resource to it or download the file and post it as a file resource. Note that the PDF version of the file does not allow for rollover screen tips.


Tests and Solutions


Tests and Solutions Files: Click here for the steps to access the Online Learning Center via the Information Center, Instructor Edition link; once you are on the Instructor Edition page, click the Tests and Solutions link to access the following files:

  • Alternative Assessment Tests
    Alternate Outcomes Assessment Tests are found only in the Tests and Solutions Manual; therefore, you can use them in a testing situation in which you do not want students to see the test document in advance of the test. You must duplicate these alternate tests in advance of the test. See pages iii and iv in the Tests and Solutions Manual for a complete listing of these alternate tests.

  • Language Arts Solutions

  • Word Manual Practice Exercise Solutions (2007 and 2010 Word files)

  • Test Bank 1 and 2 (objective tests saved as Word files)

  • Placement and Objective Tests and Solutions (PDFs)
    You can find the Placement Tests, Outcomes Assessment Tests, and Objective Tests in the Tests and Solutions Manual starting on page 3. Pages 1-2 include instructions on administering these tests.

    Outcomes Assessment Tests (the ones found in the textbook and the Alternate) appear by default on the Lessons menu under the last lesson in a Part. The Objective Tests appear on the Lessons menu under the last lesson in a Part.

    Placement Tests appear under My GDP, Placement Tests, when you enable them via GDP's Scheduling feature. The students' scored results can appear in the Portfolio or can be delayed using the Scheduling feature.

    There are five placement tests:

    Placement Test A: General Information Test
    This objective test includes forty multiple choice questions taken from Book 1 and a few from Book 2.

    Placement Test B: Timed Writing
    Consider administering a technique check to students as well to see which new-key lessons need to be reviewed to determine an appropriate starting point for skillbuilding.

    Placement Test C: Business Letter in Block Style
    Business letters in block style are introduced in Lesson 26 and basic proofreaders marks, in Lesson 33.

    Placement Test D: Boxed Table
    Boxed tables are introduced in Lesson 36.

    Placement Test E: Business Report
    Business reports with side headings are introduced in Lesson 31.

    For details on Placement Tests, click here and also see the GDP Course Manager User's Guide (GDP Placement Tests section) accessed via GDP Instant Help in Course Manager. See Scheduling and Report Strategies for Testing below for details on using the Scheduling feature to enable any of these tests.

  • Word 2007 Solutions to Document Processing Exercises and Tests (Word files)


Testing Strategies (Scheduling & Reports Features) and Assessment Strategies


Scheduling & Report Strategies for Testing & Document Processing [PDF]

(password protected)

Read about these powerful Scheduling features:

  1. Scheduling options and best practices.
  2. Enable or disable GDP menu items to make them appear or disappear from the Lesson menu.
  3. Restrict access to GDP menu items via these Scheduling features: Start Date, End Date, Delay Date, Password, and IP restriction.
  4. Troubleshoot Scheduling.
  5. Scheduling and Objective tests, Proficiency codes, Placement tests.
  6. Scheduling as a testing and document processing strategy.
  7. A.D.D.S. Report and the Portfolio.

See Academic Dishonesty for tips on using Scheduling, Preferences, A.D.D.S. (Academic Dishonesty Deterrent System), and the Student Portfolio to deter and electronically detect cheating attempts.


Export Scheduling Information to Excel


If you would like to review all Scheduling settings for a particular Class or Section via an Excel spreadsheet, under USERS, Scheduling, Scheduling tab, Class box, click the desired Class and Section; click the Export button on the far right of the Scheduling Options bar.

Assessment Strategies  [PDF]


We have received several requests to update the assessment strategies chart found in the Instructor's Wraparound Edition for GDP10e on pages PH-43 to PH-45. Although there is no one absolute standard for assessing a finished document processing job, this file should provide you with helpful guidelines for assessing and assigning time limits to Progress Checks, Outcomes Assessments Tests, or any document processing job in the 11e. Jack Johnson and Arlene Zimmerly updated their recommendations for assessment strategies. Click either link above to view their recommendations.


Academic Dishonesty

Academic Dishonesty [PDF] (password protected)


Read about proactive strategies to prevent cheating on document processing jobs and timed writings:

  1. Control classroom networks.
  2. Devise a course assessment plan.
  3. Consider using Alternate Tests and different tests.
  4. Consider using Delay Date and one attempt.
  5. Consider disabling scoring during a testing session.
  6. Use GDP's Scheduling feature—Password restrictions vs. Start Date/End Date and Disable; Delay Date, and IP Restriction.
  7. Use A.D.D.S. (Academic Dishonesty Detection System) and the Portfolio.
  8. Use Word's Document Properties feature.
  9. Consider disabling scoring in archived Classes.
  10. Consider emptying the Student Portfolio.

GDP Presentations & Movies

  See the items on the  Resource Map below flagged with the PowerPoint  and movie icons or visit the Presentations page on the course Web site for Computer Keyboarding 1 Online, 11e course Web site and the Presentations page on the Computer Keyboarding Online 2, 11e course Web site to view related GDP presentations. You're welcome to add them as a Resource link in GDP or download, save, and customize them in PowerPoint for your own course.

Resource Map

(consolidated listing of GDP resources)

11e Keyboarding: (author Web site)
Keyboarding 1, 11e: (course Web site)
Keyboarding 2, 11e: (course Web site)
GDP demo: (Contact the CXG Digital Technical Support for the log-in credentials. )
CXG Digital Technical Support
GDP Online Learning Center
Welcome to GDP 11e 
Getting Ready for GDP11e With Internet Explorer [PDF]
Getting Ready for GDP11e With Firefox [PDF]
Orientation to Keyboarding Online & GDP [PPTX] (If your *.pptx download is unsuccessful, try using Firefox as your browser.)
Orientation to Keyboarding 2 Online & GDP [PPTX] (If your *.pptx download is unsuccessful, try using Firefox as your browser.)
Unit 1, Lessons 1-5  (instructors may duplicate first five lessons until students have a textbook)
GDP MOVIE CHANNEL (all GDP11e movies) 

Issue: In Chrome, the Play button for movies posted on the GDP Movie Channel page might not behave as expected.

To play a GDP movie in Chrome, use one of these options:

  • Click either the Play arrow button or click anywhere on the movie screen outside of the button.

  • Use Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Edge and click the Play button.

Orientation to Technique Checks
Technique Self-Assessment 
Orientation to Skillbuilding and MAP+
Sustained Practice
12-Second Speed Sprints
Language Arts
Proofreading Tips 
Using Word in GDP 
Orientation to Word Processing
Quick Start to Word Processing 
INSTRUCTOR: Message Center [PDF]
INSTRUCTOR: Comments Library, General Comments, & Annotations [PDF]
INSTRUCTOR: Formatting Assistant [PDF]
INSTRUCTOR: Scheduling Strategies [PDF
INSTRUCTOR: Managing Resources [PDF]
INSTRUCTOR: SUM Time Spent & Total Time in Excel
INSTRUCTOR: Ten-Key Competency
INSTRUCTOR: Detailed WPM Report [PDF] [handout]
INSTRUCTOR: Interim Gradebook (Part 1) [PDF]
INSTRUCTOR: Interim Gradebook (Part 2) [PDF]
Academic Dishonesty [PDF] (password protected)
Best Instructor Practices [PDF] (password protected)
Best Classroom Practices for Students [PDF]
Comments Library [PDF]
Course Manager Tips [PDF] (password protected)
Instructor Roles Permissions in Course Manager [PDF]
Managing Classes & Class Preferences in Course Manager, [PDF]
Managing Detailed WPM Report in Course Manager [PDF
Managing New Students in Course Manager, [PDF] (password protected)
Managing Resources in Course Manager [PDF
Message Center [PDF]
Scheduling & Report Strategies for Testing & Document Processing [PDF] (password protected)
Setting Up an Interim Gradebook [PDF]
Interim Gradebook Guide
Time Spent and Total Time in the Portfolio [PDF]
Complete List of Word Settings for GDP [PDF]
Moving From Word 2007 to Word 2010 [PDF]
Developing Proofreading Skills [PDF]
Formatting Assistant [PDF]
Online Reference Manual, 11e [PDF]
Note that the PDF version of the file does not allow for rollover screen tips.
Orientation to Word Processing [PPTX] (If your *.pptx download is unsuccessful, try using Firefox as your browser.)
Orientation to Word Processing, Keyboarding 2 [PPTX]
Quick Start to Word Processing [PPTX] (If your *.pptx download is unsuccessful, try using Firefox as your browser.)
Practice Exercises & Document Processing [PDF]
Proofreading Checks
This We Believe About Teaching Keyboarding [PDF]
This We Believe About Improving Keyboarding Technique [PDF]
Comparison of Alphabetic-Key Drill Lines
Skillbuilding & MAP+  (explains the empirical approach to skillbuilding in the 11e)
MAP+ and Skillbuilding
Methodology, MAP+ & Skillbuilding
Orientation to Skillbuilding and MAP+ [PPTX] (If your *.pptx download is unsuccessful, try using Firefox as your browser.)
Required Typing Speeds, by Dr. Scot Ober [PDF]
Placement Test B: Timed Writing [PDF] (password protected)
Managing Detailed WPM Report in Course Manager [PDF
Open, Custom, & Supplementary Timed Writings [PDF]
Timed Writing & Skillbuilding Planning Grid [PDF]
Business Timed Writings (copy for Custom Timed Writings)
Legal Timed Writings (copy for Custom Timed Writings)
Medical Timed Writings (copy for Custom Timed Writings)
Orientation to Technique Checks [PPTX] (If your *.pptx download is unsuccessful, try using Firefox as your browser.)
Technique Check Form [PDF]
Technique Check Copy, Lesson 10 [PDF]
Technique Check Copy, Lesson 20 [PDF]
Technique Self-Assessment [PDF]
Online Technique Assessment [PDF]
Keyboarding Certificate of Achievement  (password protected)
Keyboarding Certificate of Achievement, Time  (password protected)
Ten-Key Numeric Keypad Routines [PDF]
Progress Folder, Keyboarding 1;  Spreadsheet, Keyboarding 1
Progress Folder, Keyboarding 2;  Spreadsheet, Keyboarding 2
Week 1 Announcement
11e Errata List for Instructors [PDF]
11e Errata List for Students [PDF]